Design a Father's Day card for Sainsbury's

Design a Father's Day card for Sainsbury's

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Not this Father’s Day. Oh no, no, no. We’re looking towards 2022.

We’re looking for beautiful designs that will win the hearts of Dad’s across the country. At Ohh Deer we’re always looking to push the boundaries of what the ‘norm’ is when it comes to celebrations, and Father’s day is a great opportunity to try new, unusual jokes.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to create artwork that’s fun enough to be featured on the shelves of 520 Sainsbury’s stores across the country then we want to see what you can do.

What are the rules?

We’re always excited to see designs that are funny, empowering and are well on the spicy-side. We are open-minded and don’t have any set requirements as to what your design should include.

However, remember the design could end up on the shelves of Sainsbury’s stores around the country so we need to make sure they’re suitable. No full-frontal nudity, and any swearing must be censored to sh**.

We are an inclusive and progressive team at Ohh Deer and won’t accept any designs that demonstrate hate, prejudice or discrimination, and all designs will go through a copyright check to ensure originality.

Top tip: Looking at the sort of cards Sainsbury’s like, we’re seeing lots of cards that actually mention ‘Dad’ or ‘Father’s Day’, so you might want to consider including those keywords, too.

Follow the below entry instructions.


The shortlisted 42 designs will be part of a feature end in 230 Sainsbury’s stores.

The #1 favourite design will be featured in 520 Sainsbury’s stores across the country!

Every selected design will be given our standard license and will become exclusively part of the Ohh Deer roster. We support every artist we work with, with a share of the revenue going directly to them.

All our licensed designs receive 10% of the revenue from each sale.

All selected designers will have contact with the Ohh Deer design team to review terms before the licence is awarded.


Everyone is welcome and can submit up to 10 designs each.

We can only accept designs submitted by people over the age of 18 - so, if you’re under 18 you will have to ask an adult to represent you and submit it on your behalf.


21/06/2021 - 18/07/2021

The best designs will be chosen and announced later this year.


1. Simply get drawing in a square format. To be printable, designs need to be at least high resolution (300dpi) and ideally in CMYK format.

2. Submissions need to be uploaded to Instagram. Include #ohhdeersainsburys as well as tagging @ohhdeersubmissions & @sainsburys that way we can keep track of all submissions!

3. There is a limit of 10 designs per person. You will need to catch our eye though, so if you’re wanting to submit lots of work, we advise a new Instagram post per entry, so that each design stands out as the lead image.

4. Follow @ohhdeersubmissions to keep updated on submissions and new information. Shortly after the submission end date of 18/07/2021 we will announce the designs that will be seeing the shelves.

Can’t wait to see what designs come our way. Happy card making!

Sam and the Ohh Deer team.

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