Papergang X Eden Project- Wallpaper and origami

Papergang X Eden Project- Wallpaper and origami

Here at Papergang, there are three things that are most important to us, and that we take very, very seriously:


  1. Our lovely subscribers
  2. Sending out only the most beautiful, high quality stationery every month 
  3. Making sure that everything we produce is also sustainable, plastic-free and as environmentally friendly as possible. 

This is why we were so thrilled when The Eden Project approached us with the idea of collaborating with them to create the perfect Papergang box. Of course, we said yes. And now that August has come around, and the beautiful boxes have arrived into our warehouse to begin dispatching to our subscribers, we couldn’t be happier that we did! 



What better organisation could there be to collaborate with for the August box, which is a celebration of sustainability and the environment? (It’s also an absolutely gorgeous box in its own right, designed by our very own Siiri Väisänen - not that we’re biased!) And what’s more, a percentage of every box sold will be donated to The Eden Project. 

The Eden Project is a fantastic organisation doing vital work as an educational charity and social enterprise, and we’ve long admired how they have brought to life ideas on what living harmoniously alongside nature can actually look like in practice, in what they call during our interview “a living theatre of plants and people”. 


To read the full interview and to find out more about The Eden Project and the work that they do, be sure to read the booklet that comes with this month’s box!


Want to see what's inside the box? Check out our spoiler video


To find out more about The Eden Project, you can visit their website here. (If you happen to be in or near Cornwall, we’d also recommend visiting in person. The Eden Project is an incredible place to spend a day!)


To experience the beautiful botanical box yourself, all you need to do is subscribe today and select the August box as your first box.

Love the Papergang x Eden project box design? You can download it for FREE for both your computer and phone background.


Now what better way to compliment August's box then with your very own origami butterfly?

Papergang "Eden Project" Wallpaper

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