Every month we now have avid stationery connoisseur, Greg McIndoe, reviewing our delightful Papergang boxes. This month it’s December's box which was themed around two key trends - primary colours and tropical leaves!

The Papergang’s 22nd box brought in the New Year with a vibrant pop of colour! Designed by Ohh Deer’s lead designer Jade Walsh, December’s box juxtaposed 2 of 2017’s biggest trends - primary colours and botanicals. The box included 2 A5 notebooks, a pack of 3 pens, a risograph calendar print, an A6 notepad and a greetings card. Overall, the contents of the box is worth £20.35 and cost just £10.95 to subscribers.

Here are my thoughts on everything included in the box…

  • The biggest item in the box this month was a set of 2 A5 jotter-style notebooks - one with gridded paper and one with blank. One of the notebooks features a brightly coloured, leafy pattern and the other simply features the words “great ideas inside”. The Ohh Deer team excel at creating both heavily illustrated and minimal stationery and this pack is a perfect example of both.

  • The beaut of a pattern also featured on this month’s greetings card. I always feel a little bad for people who have Birthdays in January. Everyone is so exhausted by the festivities of December that they often get overlooked. This stunning design will hopefully make them feel like they have been remembered for once!


  • Ohh Deer are also great at creating equally beautiful and functional stationery. The pocket-sized notepad is just that. Whether you are planning what you are going to do, buy or remember, this little list pad has you covered!

  • The Papergang team treat subscribers to a new calendar print each month. This month’s muted design strips back the botanicals to a monochrome with a few vibrant pops of coral ink.

  • Finally, the box included a pack of 3 pens. Each had a different slogan on it, my favourite of which says “great ideas inside”. I'll be using them during my new term at art school so hopefully this statement in particular will turn out to be true.


I love it when Ohh Deer team up with new and exciting illustrators but I also really enjoyed this month’s in-house designed Papergang. All of the elements - the colour, the trendy motifs and the overall excellent design - made this mini collection an Ohh Deer classic. There is obviously a good reason Jade Walsh is the head designer at Ohh Deer. She knows the brand inside out and knows how to please stationery addicts around the world. I can't wait to see what she and the team cook up in the year that is to come.

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