For this month’s Papergang box, we are working in collaboration with Butterfly Conservation! As lovers of the outdoors, it only made sense to partner with such a wonderful charity. We had green-fingered Maddy Gale as our photographer for the box, producing fresh florals intertwined with dainty British butterflies!


The decline of butterflies and moths is an important indicator of the deteriorating condition of our environment! Each species tell us about the health of our environment; in the countryside, in our gardens and in our towns and cities. Butterflies connect us to nature and contribute to our well-being.

Two-thirds of butterfly and moth species are in decline – this is a worrying sign that the environment as a whole is in trouble! Butterfly Conservation is taking action to change this - helping butterflies, other wildlife and everybody who loves spending time in nature.



Butterfly Conservation is the only UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies and moths.

• They provide advice to landowners and managers on how to conserve and restore habitats.

• They gather extensive butterfly and moth data and conduct research to provide the scientific evidence that underpins their work.

• Butterfly Conservation run successful education programmes to engage with schools and communities to inspire children to enjoy butterflies and the natural world.

• The charity have an established record of reversing declines. They run programmes for more than 100 threatened species and are involved in conserving hundreds of sites and reserves.

• Butterfly Conservation rely on donations, memberships and grants to fund their work. With every Papergang box, were donating £1 to the charity, go ahead and subscribe!

Small Tortoiseshell - Photography by Jim Asher

Small Tortoiseshell - Photography by Jim Asher

During my lifetime I have seen at first-hand how the UK’s once plentiful butterflies have dwindled and diminished with some species even becoming extinct. This is a gloomy outlook but not one that is set in stone. We must make sure these losses are halted and reversed.
— Sir David Attenborough - Butterfly Conservation President


Fundraising - Holding a coffee morning, opening a garden, taking part in a marathon and having a bake sale are just some of the fantastic ways supporters have raised money for Butterfly Conservation. What would you do?

Recording & Monitoring - Butterflies are extremely valuable indicators of the state of the environment. The ongoing recording and monitoring programmes help Butterfly Conservation direct conservation effort where it is needed.

Volunteering - Whether you want to volunteer at a local branch, get outside and help manage the nature reserves or help with one of the events, Butterfly Conservation have something for everyone to get involved in! Your time can make a real difference.

Gardening - Butterflies and moths will visit any garden, however small if they can feed on suitable nectar plants. Read up on tips to attract these colourful visitors, and even plant to encourage them to breed in your garden, rather than simply to visit.

Get Out For The Count - You can help take nature’s pulse by taking part in the Big Butterfly Count this July and August. All you need to do is count butterflies for 15 minutes and submit your sightings

Learn more about Butterfly Conservation by heading to their website at - and follow them on social @savebutterflies


Our Papergang box for March is in support of Butterfly Conservation, with £1 from each box going directly to the charity. This box is jam packed with stationery featuring gorgeous fresh imagery and all for £10.95 - delivered straight to your door. Click here or the big button below to head over to

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