The Weekly Meme Round-Up: 20 Memes For 2020

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: 20 Memes For 2020

To celebrate the New Year, we’ve rounded-up 20 top-notch memes to see you through to the beginning of the 2020s. Scroll on for an extra helping of funny, weird and wonderful content! Happy New Year everyone.

You can check out last week’s Christmas round-up here: The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Christmas Edition #2. Check back again next week for even more memes.

1. Bring It Back

bring back in the 2020s

2. Buzz Him In

Buzz him in.jpg

3. Get Pranked Bro

get pranked bro.gif

4. Acceptable In The 80s

born in the 80s.png

5. This Is Weirdly Accurate

baby yoda.jpg

6. Cheating The System

cheat the system.gif

7. An Interesting Fact

20 Years Ago.jpg

8. Road Rage

road rage.gif

9. Don’t Worry, It’s Popcorn

it's popcorn.png

10. Extreme Jigsaw


11. 2019 Summed Up

give up.jpg

12. “Where Are They Now?” 2010’s Edition

End of Decade meme.png

13. What Goes Around Comes Around

what goes around comes around.png

14. I Bet She’s Been Feeling Blue Lately…

cheating crayon.jpg

15. That’s What You Get For Showing Off

nobody likes a show off.gif

16. Premium Hugs $5.00


17. Get Fit For 2020 In One Easy Step

get fit for 2020 in just 1 easy step.gif

18. Cheese Is Precious

My precious cheese.jpg

19. Triple Kill

triple kill.gif

20. Trying His Beary Best


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