The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 8

The Weekly Meme Round-Up: Volume 8

In this week’s collection of memes, you can discover an alternate use for Oreo’s, why people need to stop taking panoramic pictures of their dogs, and how to make your suitcase 100% resistant to theft. It’s some pretty useful stuff, really.

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1. I’ve got a feline he’s behind me… Don’t Tuna Round

don't tuna round

2. I Can’t Believe I never thought of this

Can't believe I never thought of this.JPG

3. Thanks, Brain. Just what i needed!

Thanks, brain (2).JPG

4. He Was Lying And That’s The Truth

He was lying and thats the truth (2).JPG

5. Me too, Daniel. Me too.

Me too, Daniel. Me too (2).JPG

6. The Ripple Effect


7. who eats fruit these days?

Fuck Apples.jpg

8. bottle it up

Bottling it up (2).JPG

9. Suitcase Security: Lvl 100

hard to lose.JPG

10. Business Class Flexin’

Business Class Flex (2).jpg

11. Nightmare Fuel

Panoramic Dogs (2).JPG

12. good manners are always in fashion

It's just good manners (2).JPG

13. Nights Alone

Nights Alone.jpg

14. No Wonder She Fell For Him

An Impressive Collection (2).jpg

15. It Makes Sense

It makes sense (2).JPG

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