Collection: makingshit

  • Bold pink background, with nude illustration lying on front wearing a party hat. Text reads "happy birthday you cheeky thang"
  • bold pink card, with nude illustration running with a party hat. Text reads "another birthday, another day to make questionable life choices"
  • Solid red card, with a nude dancing illustration wearing a party hat. Text read '"your 30s are for having fun and being pretty"
  • Bold purple background, illustration wearing a party hat and crossing arms. Text reads "aging is mandatory, maturing is optional"
  • Bold yellow background, featuring a nude illustration eating cake. Text reads "birthday rule #1: eat cake, birthday rule #2: see rule #1"
  • Teal bold background, nude illustration posing with a handful of balloons. Text reads "you're old as fuck but we still love you"
  • bold green background, with nude illustration dancing holding a blue and orange party banner. Text reads "old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway"
  • Solid orange background, with nude illustration doing a handstand in a party hat. Card reads "your birthday is an excuse for me to party every year"
Making Shit is an illustrator based in Australia. As a part time illustrator and part time bad bitch, It’s her aim to create a space for the best two energies to have; sweetness and sass, and to bring more light and colour into the world.